Cultural Arts

Safety Poster


The theme for this year is "Outdoor Safety."  Start sketching your ideas. :)

All  entries must be the original design and artwork of an Individual  student. A single entry done by two or more students is not permitted.  The theme must be carried out in the drawing. Parents or others must not  assist a student. Copyrighted material may not be used. 

My Louisiana Essay


The theme for this year is "An Ideal Day in Louisiana."  You can start brainstorming.  Contest details will be coming soon.



The theme for this year is "Heroes Around Me."  Start brainstorming.  Contest details will be coming soon. 


Cultural Arts

The cultural arts are an integral part of education.  Dance, theater, voice, playing an instrument, story telling, visual arts creation, writing, and photography -- all help a child build self-esteem and add joy to his or her learning experience.  Each year, this committee helps coordinate the National PTA "Reflections" program.  

Volunteers help to: 1) promote the program, 2) coordinate printing of entry materials, 3) recruit individuals to judge student entries, 4) collect entries and prepare for judging, 5) provide recognition of all entrants with a reception, awards, and follow-up publicity, and 6) follow up on any and all entries that advance in the competition.

The chairperson is responsible for obtaining official competition information from the state PTA as well as organizing volunteers to help with the above.

Questions:  Contact Amanda Miller at